Monday, February 18, 2013

Not going to Gulf Wars but have more projects

So We aren't going to Gulf Wars this year but that does not mean that I can stop with the projects.  Lately I've fallen in love with the look of the slashed and pinked doublets so I've started making some plans to get some made.  I have black velvet for a jerkin, white cotton doublet, gold and black brocade doublet, and possible a red with gold leafing doublet if I have enough fabric.  This weekend I took the plunge and pinked and slashed the white cotton doublet.  I've got the pieces all sewn together, just need to decide on the doublet skirt and sew the lining in.  Below is a picture of the sleeve as I pinked it and slashed it.  For the pinking I used a basic awl and for the slashing I used a wood chisel to cut the fabric cleanly in one strike.  We'll see how well it holds up without fraying.

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